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Most of his time has been spent in rural settings and he is just fine with that.

Father John is part-time chaplain at Collins Correctional Facility and he has been chaplain during the summer for Camp Turner.

He proudly stated, “I have been working at Camp Turner for over 50 years.

I started when I was in the seminary and continued straight through.” Father John enjoys singing, playing his 1850s guitar and reproduction banjo.

He said, “Most people think summer time is our time to relax. ” Father John relates that, “Just being out there for the people, being there when they have a need,” is an important part of priesthood for him. Jim O’Connor, attend shows in Stratford, New York City and the Kavinoky Theatre in Buffalo, to name just a few. Some of the best moments of priesthood occur, in Fr.

His only other sibling, a brother, is also a Catholic priest residing in Poland.

Father Dawid remarked, “I consider it a blessing to have lived in the part of Poland which was so dear to our Holy Father.

He was an altar server and had good relationships with the priests whom he encountered.

When he was in the eighth grade he recalled that a vocations presentation was given and he thought, “Why not?

He added, “My parish priests were a good example for me. They are also very patient with me because they know I’m still learning English.” In 2014 Fr.

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