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Georgia is the thirteen English colony to be settled.Charleston, SC, has become the most affluent and largest city in the South.Alexander Mc Gillivray, the head of the Creek Indian Nation, dies.A restlessness begins to grow among the Indians in what is now Georgia, Alabama and Northern Florida as town chiefs via for the vacant leadership role.He translated his medieval theme to commercial architecture at the Healey Building (1913, with Bruce and Morgan), a Gothic revival office building erected in Atlanta the year before Cass Gilbert's world-renowned neo-Gothic Woolworth Building in New York.The façade of his Eiseman Clothing Company store (1901-2), a Beaux-Arts palazzo dominated by sweeping multistory arches and a crowning cornice, is preserved in the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority station in Five Points.Children: Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during John Grant's life.

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Later the same year, Britain repeals the Stamp Act in Britain -- but it continues to be enforced on colonists in North America Angered by the tea tax of 1767 and the British East India Company's monopoly on tea trade, the independent New England colonial merchants dump the precious cargo overboard into the Boston harbor. The First Continental Congress of fifty-five representatives (except from the colony of Georgia) meets in Philadelphia to discuss relations with Britain, the possibility of independence, and the hope of a peaceful solution.James Oglethorpe establishes the Georgia Colony in the new world.The new settlers form friendships with the Creek Indian Nation towns in this area.He was responsible for several of Atlanta's oldest extant churches.In his later collaborations with architect Thomas Morgan (of Morgan and Dillon), Downing created significant tall office building designs in the Fairlie Poplar district in Atlanta as well as collegiate architecture at Oglethorpe University. Wheeler and Company (beginning in 1885), with whom he briefly entered into partnership. Downing, Architect, was established in 1890, when Downing was only twenty-five. In 1897 he published Domestic Architecture, which illustrated his houses of the decade, only two of which—the William P.He began his architectural career as a draftsman for Hannibal I. His first significant success was winning the competition for the Fine Arts Building for the Cotton States and International Exposition in 1895. Nicolson (1891-92) and Gay (1895) Houses—are still standing. Its size (more than 34,000 square feet) and amenities made it second in splendor only to the Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina, in all of the Southeast.

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