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an absolute emergency, but, as she said, Ha Le was too shy too speak up when I needed to.Anyway, She guessed I was going to wait until the bathroom trip before lunch recess to go get myself cleaned up, which I did.When I had sat down after recess, my skirt caught a little on a rough edge of the back of the seat, enabling her to see my panties.Because of the way it caught, though, she was probably the only one who could see it because she was right behind me.The Panache Envy Brief Panty 7282 juxtaposes floral lace with a traditional menswear houndstooth for an unexpectedly stunning look. Panache's Envy Brief Panty is made of polyester/elastane/cotton. Size : 6I bought these panties for my older daughter.The Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Tailored Brief Panties 15712 provides tailored, sophisticated full coverage. She told me it was the first time she had worn a brief style panty like the Lace Nouveau Panty and just fell in love with them.

I held it in for 5 1/2 days, But then I felt the need.

She also knew that I was way too shy to ask the teacher if I could go to the restroom, so she was wondering if I would make it to lunch. She bent over like she was tying her shoe and looked and saw that I was having another BM. Anyway, the teacher then took us all outside for recess.

In our class we had certain times of the day when the whole class was led to the bathrooms, one in the morning and one after lunch when we were going to lunch recess.

However, when we all got into the bathroom, there are no doors on the stalls so there was no way I was going to change with 15 other girls around.

I just went back outside without having accomplished anything, and just sort of stood there for most of recess, which was 30 min long. for me, I had another BM while I was standing there. I must have eaten something that I ate that disagreed with me!

Eventually she noticed that I was squirming a little in my seat.

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