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Remember how we talked about the fact that most of the guys on this website are really lazy, and don’t bother to put up a profile picture?

Unfortunately, this applies to a lot of women on the site as well.

During our time writing our XXXLove review, we sent out 720 emails to girls in our areas.

They were pretty hot, though not all of them were pinup-lovely.

XXXLove is a great website to go to if you want to get laid a lot, and get laid TONIGHT…and why wouldn’t you?

Girls on this site are eager to hook up quickly, and they just want to be told how they’re every guy’s fantasy.

At least in that respect, Social Sex still reigns supreme.

Use it in conjunction with our favorite site for meeting dates, Social Sex, and watch your empty calendar fill up quickly!Sometimes, we’d have to just bite the bullet and wing it, banking on the fact that most of the girls on this website MIGHT be hot.As time went on and we started having actual dates through XXXLove, we started to feel more confident about messaging girls without pictures.Of those emails we sent out, we got back 529, which is a pretty fantastic response rate.Again, it’s not QUITE as good as Social Sex, but it is more than a good showing.We didn’t want to waste our time on uggos or fatties, but we also didn’t want to fall behind on our goal of sending out a certain number of emails per day, or we wouldn’t get the results we wanted.

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