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How one lives in their home is just as important as how they want it to look.By focusing on lifestyles I’m better able to not only achieve a beautiful look but one that can endure the rigors of our lives. Over the years she has taught at Ocean County college, NJ and the Adult Schools for Chatham, Madison, and Florham Park, NJ.In addition to interior design, she also offers private Feng Shui Consultations.We’ve all had a room in our home at some point in our lives that no amount of arranging seemed to fix.

No matter what they perform, our students will learn incredible skills and enjoy epic experiences that will last a lifetime.This approach promotes accountability, speeds up the learning process, and fosters an inclusive community of rockers in Chatham.Students are not only learning an instrument—they’re making friends, building confidence, and becoming better people. Visit School of Rock Chatham to get a feel for our methods and community.At School of Rock Chatham, the thrill of the performance is just as important as learning the skill to rock.Our adult students learn the fundamentals of music, including scales, chords, notes, progressions, and more, through some of the most iconic songs and sounds in music history.School of Rock Chatham is now enrolling for our Adult Performance Program, where adult students of all proficiency levels can explore and conquer the world of music.

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