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for heavy duty XML processing it is second to none. SAXParse Exception; try { Document Builder Factory doc Builder Factory = Document Builder Instance(); Document Builder doc Builder = doc Builder Document Builder(); Document doc = doc Builder.parse (new File("c:\tmp\my.xml")); // normalize text representation Document Element().normalize(); println ("Root element of the doc is " Document Element()Node Name()); Node List list Of Books = Elements By Tag Name("book"); int total Books = list Of Length(); println("Total no of books : " total Books); for(int i=0; i Here is an example of processing xpath with vtd-xml... It is the responsibility of the caller to close the RSS feed input stream. */ public static Document get Document(String xml) throws SAXException /** * Loads XML files from disk * @param clazz the class this method is invoked from * @param xml Path the full path to the file to load * @param xsd Path the full path to the file to validate against */ public static Document load Doc(Class clazz, String xml Path, String xsd Path) /** * Parses input stream as RSS feed.* @param input File, source XML * @return true, if XML is successfully parsed. * * @param input Stream XML document containing the styles to read * @param factory Default Synth Style Factory that new styles are added to * @param url Resource Base the URL used to resolve any resources, such as Images * @param class Resource Base the Class used to resolve any resources, such as Images * @param defaults Map Map that UIDefaults properties are placed in */ public void parse(Input Stream input Stream, Default Synth Style Factory factory, URL url Resource Base, Class/** * Test with input source attached an valid XML, parser should * successfully parse the XML document.

(Note: The XML is an encoded * mx Graph View, not mx Graph Model.) * * @param input Source Input source that contains the display XML. */ public static Pie Dataset read Pie Dataset From XML(Input Stream in) throws IOException , adding the * resulting styles to the passed in Default Synth Style Factory.*/ static Soy Msg Bundle parse Xliff Target Msgs(String xliff Content) throws SAXException, Soy Msg Exception /** * Compiles the resource.For performance improvements it stores earlier compiled resources in a cached factory of components. Menu; public class Gpx Import Activity extends Activity import I was searching for the answer to the same question.One is in which I enter a specific node attribute id, and I get all the child nodes as result, and second is suppose I just want to get a specific child node value only In above example I want to read all the elements if I search via @name and also one function in which I just want the url from @name 'Javascript' only return one node element. Kai passing in the document defined in that code and the return type you are expecting, and cast the result to the object type of the result.

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