Professional athlete dating internet dating portugal

He will look at you as if no one else in the world exists. The foods he loves, the foods he hates, the soft drink he prefers over the rest.

2.) You will be introduced to each other via a mutual friend and he will actively pursue you. Like I said in my first post, I will be changing everyone’s names for privacy reasons. I randomly met Dom at a fundraiser of his back in June of 2013 in NYC.

It’ll take everything in your power not to text him or call him or Face Time him.

Every little thing will remind you of him and the times you guys spent together.

August 28, 2013 was when I received Dom’s first text. You’ll still keep your cool while thinking, “Is this real life? Snagging any and every girl he so pleases with his unbeatable charm.

” You’ll both enter the car and his driver will take you back to your place. You just so happen to be the lucky one, or one of the lucky ones, at the moment.

I remember it took me and the best friend THREE HOURS to get to my guy’s game one night in Detroit because of horrrrrrible traffic. You will feel like royalty when they make you sign off on the tickets and they are handed over to you. He will look for you while he is on the field/court to make sure you and your posse got to your seats.

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