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The mayor’s unionism was barely tepid, and the police chief sympathized with the South.

Confederate flags appeared on many city homes and buildings during the tense days after Sumter.

Hostility in Maryland led to the suspension of habeas corpus by the President and a confrontation over civil liberties with the Supreme Court’s chief justice, himself a Maryland resident.

Maryland was twice invaded by large Confederate armies and on one occasion, a smaller Confederate contingent swept through the state in an attempt to attack Washington.

On April 19, President Lincoln was informed by Governor Thomas H.

Hicks that several soldiers from the 6th Massachusetts Regiment had been killed travelling through the city.

Lincoln had never been born, until they were awakened by the loud strokes of a huge club against a night-watchman’s box, which stood within the depot and close to the track.

The grain-growing counties of northern and western Maryland, containing few slaves, were safe for the Union.

But the loyalty of Baltimore, with a third of the state’s population, was suspect.

Maryland’s proximity to Washington made it a very important state for President Abraham Lincoln — even though his political support there was limited.

Indeed, the hostility of local residents forced President-elect Lincoln to sneak through Baltimore in the middle of the night on February 23, 1861 in order to circumvent a murder plot hatched there.

It repeated that pattern on the second vote, but on the third ballot, 9 votes went to Mr. Lincoln chose a “Border State” representative for his Cabinet in early 1861, he selected Maryland native Montgomery Blair. Lincoln’s most valued supporters, and was especially distasteful to the Union men of Maryland, with Henry Winter Davis at their head. Blair as a non-resident, as not in any sense identified with them, and as disposed from the outset to foment disturbance where harmony was especially demanded.” President-elect Abraham Lincoln’s middle-of-the-night transit through Baltimore early on February 23, 1861, delighted cartoonists who misrepresented the facts of the trip.

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