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The absence of any reference to his claiming the succession to his father as duke of Burgundy indicates that he was illegitimate.Gauthier Bishop of Autun approved the reconstruction of Saint-Etienne de Beaune by "Oddonis atque uxoris eius... A charter dated records that "Oddo vicecomes Belnocastri" donated "villam Empillies sitam infra comitatum Dumensis[et] in Milleponto villain comitatu Belnenseres uxor eius" to Saint-Bnigne de Dijon, confirmed by Robert II King of France at the request of "Ottonis comitis" and Gauthier Bishop of Autun, daughter of [AGANON & his wife Ingola ---].We do not show Kings of Emesa who may have claimed the Imperial title. Emperors shown by Edward Gibbon in The Decline and Fall are shown with their position (as amended by modern editors) on that list in roman numerals preceding the regnal date.A 'c' is appended to the Roman numeral when the person was a co-Emperor.A notice concerning the foundation of the abbey of Cteaux, undated but dated to the early 12th century, records an earlier donation by "Rainardus belnensis vicecomes et uxor eius Hodiernaet eorum filii Hugo, Hunbertus, Rainardus, Hagano eorumque soror Raimuldis".An earlier donation by their father to the abbey of Cteaux is confirmed and completed by "filii Rainaldis vicecomitis de Belna, Hugo, Rainaldus, Petrus, Tiebertus sed et Humbertus frater eorumdem archidiaconus" by charter dated [1134/43] .Mons Corbonus et capella..Coruello" to uir nobilis... This would also explain the introduction of the name Aganon into the family of Eudes Vicomte de Beaune (the name of his second son, see below).Another possible interpretation of this document is that Aganon was the first husband of Ingola who married Vicomte Eudes as her second husband.

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We also show Emperors in Nicaea, Emperors in Trebizond, and Despots in Epirus, all of whom claimed the Imperial title.

Emperors of the Laskarid dynasty continued to claim the Empire from their base in Nicaea; the Megas Komnene family claimed from Trebizond; another branch of Komnenos and their successors claimed from Epirus.

(In the following, when no qualifier is shown in the date field, it is a Greek-speaking Emperor who ruled Constantinople.) In 1261 Michael VIII recaptured Constantinople, uniting it with his Empire in Nicaea, thus restoring the Byzantine Empire and founding the Palaiologan dynasty. Roman Petrovich ROMANOV (Pretender Czar of RUSSIA) (St.

Except for the first three Emperors to claim the throne from exile, we do not show Emperors of the East after the Falls of Constantinople in 1453 and Trebizond in 1461.

Romulus Augustus was the last Emperor of the West until Charlemagne.

We also show the "Latin" claimants, though the title carried no power, and, since Trebizond retained its independence, the "Emperors" of that state. Petersburg 1896 - 1978 Rome, Italy) ; (offered the Kinship of Montenegro, but refused); (his marriage was Morganatic, negating his son's claim to the Czardom) Theodore `Teddy' (Colonel) ROOSEVELT (New York City 27/10/1858 - 6/1/1919 Oyster Bay, N. #25 under Mc Kinley; Nobel Peace Laureate (1906) Henry Frederick STUART (Duke of ROTHESAY) (Stirling Castle, Scotl.

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