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There were additional traces of a muscle relaxant, Xanax, marijuana and an allergy medication in the singer’s system. Five years later and a new documentary – – sifts through the details of Houston’s sad, secret life. Or was it the dissolution of her decades-old lesbian relationship with her assistant Robyn Crawford?It’s complicated, as documentarian Nick Broomfield discovered. And then everyone wants you to do what you did last. But her story was so powerful that I was made redundant.” Broomfield says he and his editor Marc Hoeferlin “fell in love with Whitney” while they pored over more than a hundred hours of archive footage.“Their intimacy and affection was so sweet and romantic.” Crawford, who finally quit as Houston’s assistant in 2000, did not speak to Broomfield for the film but she’s there in archive footage, and she is certainly there in spirit. I believe her agenda was to clean up her image while mine was to be loved and have children.

Last year, Brown told , she wrote of her dislike for Crawford, prompting Oprah to ask: “Would it have bothered you if your daughter was gay? She was all right, she turned out to be all right, I guess.“And I think he and various other people tried to bring that to the attention of the estate. She was pronounced dead in July, 2015, after spending six months in a medically induced coma. tags along behind Bobbi Kristina, then aged six, as she takes the stage for guest spots on her mother’s 1999 tour.Roberts, who was plainly fond of the girl, does not mince words: “She never had a chance.“In the end I think the divide between who she was and what her public persona was became more and more difficult,” says Broomfield. Sure enough, she emerges as wildly entertaining company. It’s all so unfortunate.” The new film will finally allow diehard fans to see extensive archive material shot by German director Rudi Dolezal for an unfinished documentary about the singer’s 1999 My Love is Your Love tour.“And she just went down, down, down.” “I remember the first time I put myself in a film,” recalls Broomfield. In an early episode of Channel 4’s , when presenter Terry Christian asks her a cheeky question about a rumoured romance with Eddie Murphy, Houston beams and parrots his words back in a perfect Mancunian accent: “Rung me up? We were really choked up at the end of the edit, when we screened the film for ourselves. There have only been a couple of people who have really made me feel that way. Dolzezal, who receives a co-director credit on is a music tour veteran who has shot The Rolling Stones, Queen, Miles Davis and Michael Jackson. Every song.” “The live performances are so much more compelling than her records because she put so much gospel in it,” says Broomfield.At 3.35pm, Jones returned to find Houston facedown in the bathtub.

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