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We've tried to tell the story of the Pacific Railroad in human terms with lots of exhibits and first person accounts that visitors can relate to.It is true that the railroad was finished in 1869, long before the 1876 deadline set in the Pacific Railroad Act which Congress passed in 1862, but nobody thought it was going to be easy. It was only by dint of the hard work of people like L. Clement and the determination of the men who risked all to finance it that it got done.Students can click here to get instant permission to use our printer friendly "Favorite Homework Pictures" pages to choose pictures, make them the size they want, and print them for school projects.TEACHERS: Many elementary education curricula include study of the transcontinental railroad in the 4th grade.(Also see more about rail travel routes from NY to Chicago, and from Chicago to Omaha.) After the junction of the UPRR with the CPRR was changed to Ogden, Utah, 52 1/2 miles east of Promontory Summit, the CPRR was 742 miles long, extending from Sacramento to Ogden, and the UPRR was 1,032 miles long, extending from Ogden to Omaha.

Additional material will come from the Harvard and Oxford University Libraries and the New York Public Library.

The regular route runs from New York [via Ferry to Jersey City], by way of Philadelphia and Pittsburg, to Chicago — this is called the [Pennsylvania Railroad's] Pittsburg and Fort Wayne road — thence to Omaha, either by the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy, the Chicago and Northwestern, or the Chicago and Rock Island.

At Omaha you take the Union Pacific road to Ogden, and thence the Central Pacific to San Francisco. A fearful place composed almost entirely of open gambling booths and whiskey shops.

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