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Once dried, mummies were ritualistically anointed with oils and perfumes.

The 21st Dynasty brought forth its most advanced skills in embalming and the mummification process reached its peak.

Natron dries the body up faster than desert sand, preserving the body better.

Often finger and toe protectors were placed over the mummies fingers and toes to prevent breakage.

That being the case they provided for both worlds, elaborate preparations for the afterlife been made in the preservation of the dead.

The brain, thought to be useless, was pulled out through the nose with hooks, then discarded.

Different civilizations had their own rituals to that end.

Some believed that the dead lived on in the tomb, while others thought of the dead as having gone to a blessed afterworld in some far-distant place.

The Capuchin catacombs of Palermo contain thousands of bodies, many which are clothed and standing, however in many cases the preservation was not successful with only the skeleton and clothing surviving.

Many ancient civilizations believed in life after death, mummifying those who had died to guarantee the soul passage into the next life.

It also wasn┬╣t until the Middle Kingdom that embalmers used natural salts to remove moisture from the body.

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