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Known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, is was once a rich and powerful state.

Today it’s almost like a living museum, medieval in character with numerous baroque churches and curious visitors spilling out onto its pedestrianised marble streets.

Only a one and a half hour ferry trip from the mainland, a trip to Mljet island is definitely worth it.

This is a small, active fishing port located along the Istrian Peninsula which is fast becoming a popular tourist resort with many of the locals still speaking the ancient, romantic language of Istriol. This is a beautifully timeless island destination located on the most northern corner of the coast.

A road trip along this coast is the best way to discover many of Croatia’s highlights.

You’ll pass jaw-dropping cliffs and the road will lead you to wonderful cities like Split and Zadar.

As most of the island is covered in olive groves and vineyards, it’s ideal for tourists looking for a break from the rat race.

Zlatni Rat is the Croatian for ‘golden horn’ and epitomises the unusual sandbar with white pebble beaches and blue sapphire waters, offering a 360 degree ocean view.

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There is also an opportunity to wander around the Benetictine monastery and visit the small chapel attached to it.Pictured: 1st place, The Decisive Moment-Spring 2014, Pedro Cabrera, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain The process of choosing a winner is a meticulous one.The competition judges convene four times a year picking one winner in each category.Bordered by pine groves and offering a wide selection of watersports, it is one of Croatia’s most well known beauty spots.If you are bored of lounging on the sands, take a stroll into the pine groves and discover the rustic Roman villa complete with swimming pool nestling in its centre.Now with the scars of its recent history very much healed, intrepid European travellers and trendy jet setters are beginning to discover everything Croatia has to offer.

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