Irish dating men women fluoridating

Here are the things that Irish men look for in women.

There is nothing worse than a girl that is a real dry who just embraces who she is.

You would be surprised at how many men would go for the curvy girl with confidence than the shallow skinny girl.

This doesn't mean they have to be happy go lucky and upbeat all the time, more that they have a real passion for something. Irish men love girls with a real enthusiasm for and I mean a lot.

We don't like it when you go over the you, then you're onto a winner.

My plan is for this thread to go waaaaaaaay off topic and branch in every direction. I think in order to set things going I probably need to ask a question (feel free to ignore it and answer something completely different): Men were once portrayed as dominant providers who demanded sex and women as the meek caring child bearers who provided men with sex to maintain the relationship.

Although completely inaccurate; at least young people had a set relationship path to aspire to in life.

We like to know where we stand so when a girl is really , even if you disagree with her from time to time you still have a lot of respect for her.

If they can dish out the abuse they have to be able to take it as well.

I'll add more later if anyone else joins in the discussion but for now I'll leave it at that.

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