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The state of Maryland has granted Elon Musk permission to begin tunneling beneath Baltimore, bringing his radical plans for a high-speed transportation system between New York and Washington D. C, and said he thinks the Hyperloop is ‘coming to Maryland.’The state has issued a conditional utility permit for the project, allowing the firm to dig a 10.3 mile tunnel under part of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, according to LA Times.

The Boring Company was granted permission to dig outside of its own property for the first time just two months ago.

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Many have speculated that Musk will use his Boring Company to build tunnels for Hyperloop transportation systems - either for other firms or his own venture.The extension will run 13.5 metres (44 feet) under public roads around the Space X headquarters, and is the first time the Boring Company has been allowed to dig outside it's property line.This dry run will make sure plans actually work - if it doesn't, the city can request the tunnel is filled with concrete or soil.Many resolutions to these cases also are pending or could not be immediately found.The database was conceived and created by sports writer Brent Schrotenboer, who can be reached at [email protected] Almost all of the players belonged to an NFL roster at the time of the incident.

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