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1 winner wil be chosen twice a year, across all the countries we are operating in.

If you are the lucky winner of one of our competitions or draws, we would appreciate – if you would send back a photo of you and the prize you won and a testimonial by e-mail – That we can use for our website and future promotions.

Give our matching service a go today and find your one true love. If you accept this promotion, you get a on-going membership at Simple

Our team of highly skilled developers have found the secret ingredient for matching the perfect couple together.

Failure to receive welcome e-mails, winner e-mails etc. All questions or problems can be send to [email protected] – All e-mails and customer service answers will be in english, so please write your questions in english, so we can provide the quickest and best online support for you. There are many dating sites on the internet these days that users flock to but do not find the right partner or date.

We reserve the right to refuse documentation if there is doubt about its authenticity.

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A rejection of a subscription payment, the customer will later be charged the same amount until payment goes through. If you accept this promotion, you get a on-going membership at Simple When you buy a subscription, you will automatically be renewed until you terminate under ”My account – Settings” on You have to be at least 18 years of age and reside in one of the countries we are operating in, to have a valid subscription to There are no hidden charges when purchasing the introduction subscription associated with the before mentioned welcome gift, just the amount stated in the campaigns, as you can terminate you subscription before the 5 days trial period runs out.There is an expected delivery time of 30 days, depending on demand, products, and gift cards in relation to your welcome gift.If you haven’t received your gift card within 30 days after signing up, there have been a mistake and you should contact our customer service, who will make sure to send your gift card. You are required to meet our terms within 5 days after registering., to receive the welcome gift.

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