Ip banned dating sites


You had not previously used that IP address to post here, and I didn't find any members (other than spammers) using anything within that range at the time I setup the IP address range block.

IOW, the problem had nothing to do with receiving spam from your PC's IP address (the one you're reporting issues with).

I hope that you'd be able to lift this ban so I can log in again. But, the addresses on that site had nothing to do with your issue (and their list has nothing to do with our internal block list).;-) I maintain the block list in the forums software (and have for a number of years), and the site tech staff may be checking router block lists instead. That site ( ) has nothing to do with our IP block list.Send me a PM (Private Message) if it happens again. it's usually not a problem letting others know what it is. I tried to enter my banned IP address under the search in Stop Spam website. It's a third party site that maintains list of spammers.punch your IP address into this will tell you everything you want to know about who is spamming from what IP address..The Asians it seems have cornered the market on fake IP's and IP replicators.I just went to this site yesterday from another computer.

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