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In the United States, an average of four children die every single day due to abuse and neglect.

Young children at the highest risk of homicide are those under age one.

She was upset because his crying interrupted her playing an online video game.

A Knotts Island, North Carolina 16 year old teenager went to a hospital emergency room to report that she had given birth to a baby and the baby died.

Lack of economic resources, the stress of single parenting, social isolation and a dearth of emotional support are factors which contribute to the higher rate of abuse amongst young parents.

Young fathers are not immune to the pressure of parenting themselves.

A 22 year old New Orleans father confessed murdering his toddler son to avoid paying ,000 in back child support.

Although victims include approximately equal numbers of boys and girls, offenders include a disproportionate number of women.

Homicides of young children may be seriously undercounted as many may be erroneously attributed to accidents or natural causes.

Her relatives are defending her by claiming she is bi-polar and on anti-depressant medication.

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