Asian parents no dating


She said a lot about "my pride" as a girl (which basically means don't get pregnant) and how "American boys are wild" and will "do crazy things when they get bored." I told her calmly that I think I am mature and responsible enough at this age to handle a relationship, and that I know that I have to be careful and protect myself.....she stuck to her argument that I am too young and naive and American boys are reckless.

My mom has always said "No relationships until college" and that "When you're 21 you can be free and make your own decisions." I'll be graduating high school in 5 months and out in college in 8 months, but my parents still claim reign over me since I'll be coming back home during breaks and since they'll be paying for most of my college tuition.(My parents have met him and talked to him briefly before when we were just friends.) I had hidden my love life from my parents until that confession because I knew they would not accept any boyfriend I had, simply because they don't want me to date until college. They refused to accept our relationship and they refused to let me go out anywhere with him.My boyfriend's mom knows about our relationship and is painfully aware that "asian people dislike black people," so she has suggested that my boyfriend move on because it's not morally right to go against my parents' wishes.My boyfriend agrees with his mom, but has promised he won't leave me for this.I have had two serious talks with my parents about this relationship.My dad replied that those are empty words and that he knows I won't be able to concentrate on my education if I'm in a relationship. I tried to tell her that this relationship isn't as serious business as she thinks and that all I wanted was to be able to go to a movie or to the park with my boyfriend every once in a while. She said that going to the movies with only him means that we're more than just friends, and that that is too much involvement for me. Our family, we don't want dark-skinned blood.......

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