Sexy animated chatbot secretive about dating


She lives inside your head, employing you a chance for you to interact with your subconscious.I wanted the most realistic eye color and texture map so I tried blue and brown eyes.The database of conversations is stored in English, so Negobot translates all input into English before processing.Ongoing conversations are also added to the existing database.The model needed more details and texture of the skin and face.In terms of art direction, the biggest concerns were what to do about the skin, hair, mouth, and eyes.With the help of a friend who specializes in 3D, the model was cleaned up using Z-brush, Blender, and Maya.After re-meshing the face and UV map, the model was now usable, but low-poly.

Negobot analyzes the ongoing dialog and is aware of the level of ‘sliminess’ of the conversation.

Negobot is a AIML-based conversational agent that poses as a child on Internet chat forums and social networks and employs various sophisticated methods to draw out those who exhibit pedophile behavior.

Not only does Negobot use natural language processing and machine learning, but it also leverages aspects of game theory to achieve its goal of inferring if someone has a high probability of being a sexual predator.

Last week there was news of a chatbot developed to ferret out suspected sexual predators of underaged victims.

The chatbot, called Negobot, was developed by Carlos Laorden and other academics from the University of Deusto in Bilboa, Spain.

I knew I was interested in using a model of my head for some sort of project about singularity; I wanted to have a digital copy of me to work within Unity. The idea for a chatbot was inspired by my passion for user experience design, knowing that I was to create an interactive installation for an exhibition.

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