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She wanted the men to desire her, and for them to bid for her. A sexual high gripped her mind filling it with fantasies.She was an innocent slave-girl being auctioned to an unknown master.

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She allowed the idea to grow in her mind that she was an object for sale, and a stranger was about to purchase her.It could be anyone of these men taking her from here, to use for his pleasure. He would be a vigorous, rampant male, using her body in a constant round of inventive sexual acts.As her eyes became accustomed to the light, she began to see arms raising numbered paddles. Every day he would demand more challenging positions, and make her play more outrageous sexual games.Uncomfortably, she was ecstatic from a mixture of blatant exhibitionism, and the dire humiliation. It shook her from a fantasy, enough to take a grip, and perform the rehearsed pantomime.If she wasn't sold quickly, she might orgasm before all these strangers ogling her fabulous body. She had been told to walk around the stage, for all the bidders to get a good look at her.She set her mind to accepting a state of slavery, and was determined to accept the new owner would have to be obeyed, whoever he was.

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