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This could be helpful in circumstances where you want to describe something, like a new outfit you’re thinking of buying or how cute your dog is when it snores.Or if you want to see the person you’re chatting too, but not enough to see their face fill your phone in glorious technicolour the whole time."When you're constantly under the influence of people who are judging you, is it still possible to show intimacy and to show vulnerability? We instead go along with this illusion of privacy that we think we have." For his part, Nyong'o of NYU feels that app developers and users are still trying to find the right balance in terms of privacy.I think these questions are important to ask today," Verhoeven says. "The irony of course is that the purpose of the technology is to allow you to be located," Nyong'o notes."That would seem to be what drove people's outrage," Nyong'o says.

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The project, called "Wanna Play," used Verhoeven's Grindr profile to draw chat partners into a discussion about online intimacy.

It was cut short on October 5, however, after some users protested, saying it was a violation of their privacy.

Hebel am Ufer (HAU), a state-funded theater which sponsored Verhoeven's project, later held two town hall-style meetings to discuss the merits and failings of the project. An American in his 20s who went over to Verhoeven's cube shortly after it opened became particularly irate when he saw his chat messages and photos being read by the assembled crowd.

The app is like a dating satnav, and it's catching on fast.

() No one knows just how many American football players walk away from the sport with a permanent type of brain damage known as CTE.

Since 2015, people have been able to talk in a similar way to Apple’s Face Time.

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