Songbird updating library


For your second posts, not all the MP3 players from Philips support FLAC.

As mentioned in my previous post I have been using Songbird/Nightingale for quite some time, in spite of the drawback mentioned in the post.

As a result, users have forked Songbird and created a Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible derivative under the name Nightingale.

Songbird announced on 14 June 2013 that it would stop all operations and shut down by 28 June.

But this causes SB to automatically convert FLACs to mp3s and as I wrote I don't want that.

I have a Go Gear Muse 3 and I bought it because of these 2 features: 1) FLAC support; 2) memory expandability using micro SD. :) Let me see, it's a bit difficult to transfer all your media files (including FLAC files) to your another external hard disc... Drag those files to the connected external hard disk Pitfall: you may have different folders to hold the tracks and hence these steps have to be repeated for a few times. (So transferring the music to your player wont automatically converted to .mp3 but FLAC.) 2.

Using CSS (and optionally XUL), and an image manipulation program such as Photoshop or GIMP, users are then able to make Songbird look however they want.

Or finding zombies and ghosts (like the Excorcist used to do, three years ago).

In other words: Whenever I updated, I wasn’t able to export playlists anymore.

I actually don’t even know if there are any addons left, that are compatible to the most recent version of Songbird.

My Songbird library resides on te internal drive of my PC.

How can I transfer the Songbird library from the internal HD to an external drive in one step (without having to select and copy every single album)?

Sometime during late 2012 or early 2013, Songbird's public SVN was taken down, along with their wiki and other source code related utilities.

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