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Once again, your best bet is to keep the conversation light and fun.Save the debates for after we know that we actually like each other, not when we’re still trying to…Shutterstock For some Black women, going on a date with a White man can be extremely nerve-wracking, especially if it’s their first time dating a white man. ” Well, in this case your best bet is to go into the date thinking that he’s just a normal guy, regardless of his race.

Sorry, but I have no desire to fulfill your sudden thirst for a Black woman.I’ve always been confused because I’ve dated all kinds of woman (and I plan on continuing to do that), but there’s a perception that if I were to settle down and marry a Caucasian woman than I’ve officially become a sellout.So with this stigma in mind and my dating options in the profession pretty much limited to Caucasian woman, would my decision to marry a white girl be the result of my individual choosing or an unconscious submission to outside pressures.Having Black friends won’t help the situation if you have the personality of burnt toast.i Stock For some reason, White men often feel the need to re-assure us that they love women outside of their race, but if you’re already on a date with me, isn’t obvious you like women outside of your race? There is no need to waste time re-assuring me of this.This usually involves sharing some sort of heroic story where they once combatted racism.

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