Least sedating benzodiazepine tips for dating a recently divorced woman

However, I generally don't get very sedated from any of these unless I take a high dose.For other people some of these might be _highly_ sedating for them.- Diazepam for when I have muscle spasms around my knees which are in awful shape, so the spasms cause me a great deal of pain._However_ I rarely use it during the day unless I really have too. sorry to hijack ( well not Really ^.^)- I'm wonder what's the clearest and least depressing benzo ( want to remain as "up" as possible during bupe detox) I read a study comparing 5-ht antagonism ( don't quote me on that, might have not been quite antagonism), but the results were librium was the most "depressing", a few other benzos were medium "depressing", and oxazepam was the least so. both are very good as pure anxiolytics, and mediocre to bad recreational benzos. both drugs come in 50mg dosages around these parts, and from subjective experience clorazepate is about twice as potent. i think i remember that clorazepate acts mostly as a prodrug.

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I feel like a lot of people think that just because they get a 2mg bar of Xanax that they need to take the whole thing to feel any effects. Of your naive to benzo's, I would start off at .25mg of alprazolam, .5mg MAX. That's pretty subjective, so it's hard to answer, but I personally am not a fan of clonazepam, and have already cast my vote in this thread towards alprazolam on the first page, let me find my post... I would agree, keep your tolerance sub-milligram ergicmergic, like 0.25mg/day, since you're not taking much diazepam currently, I can't imagine your tolerance to benzodiazepines being substantial. Extremely subjective, but of the common four (in the US) I'd say lorazepam.

Although in higher doses it has muscle relaxing properties which are great when taking it recreationally.

But like I said people have experienced some rather bad side effects including jaundice.

Clonazepam was recommended by my doctor so I wouldn't be in lala land for my presentations.

I've taken upwards of 1.5mg and could still function normally, although I was very relaxed. I think a low dose of alprazolam missed with a duo of coffee really does the trick.

for me i don't think that profile is truly correct ^ above i find alprazolam much more sedating than bromazepam (i guess this is taking it dependent dose wise) 6mg of bromazepam for me is the clearest benzo, no memory loss, general feeling of goodness, even a tad stimulating. but according to the charts, that = 3mg of alpraz, which will have me blacking out/beyond tired kolonopin by far.

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