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Planning a super romantic Valentine's date can be v stressful, especially if you just started dating. over an old-school game of Frogger or a DDR battle.

A game night is a low key date that'll take the pressure off. At the end of the night, you can use your tickets to buy each other a funny V-Day gift. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or go sledding.

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Even if both of you are terrible at painting, a DIY night would be so much fun. You'll each paint a picture for each other as your gift – it'll be really good or hilariously bad. There's nothing more romantic than laying out looking the stars, but in the winter that's not really doable.taught me anything, it's that the arcade is a great place to fall in love – and don't trust a baby demogorgon no matter how cute it is.Take your number one to an old-school game center and duel to win each other a V Day gift. Make fun leather heart-shaped coin pouches for your friends. Use these free printable tags to make DIY candy skewers to celebrate. Another Valentine’s Day idea: Give your sweetie printable ‘naughty’ vouchers. Make these heart-shaped chocolate-covered strawberries. Board games and puzzles are available for use in the library. #mfpl #menomoneefallswi #menomoneefallslibrary #games #boardgames A post shared by Menomonee Falls Public Library (@menomoneefallslibrary) on If you and bae are into ~creepy~ stuff, go online and see if a town near you has a walking ghost tour.

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