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EVEN Snapchat's biggest fans and most loyal users would sometimes struggle to keep up with all the app's latest updates and new features.If you're baffled by the latest rollouts, want to up your trophy game or just want to nail those streaks - this guide is the one for you...

You can customise your pictures and selfies, or send live updates throughout the day – making the app especially popular among teens and young adults, reality TV stars and bloggers.

This makes the app, which is just seven years old, more popular than Twitter.

The app gets an enormous 10 billion views each day.

If they choose to be visible, they’ll appear as an ‘Actionmoji’ on their friends’ maps.

This avatar changes as Snapchat monitors the speed of users’ movements, for example by updating to reflect the fact they’re travelling in a car.

But initial reviews from users were far from glowing - with up to 83 per cent of reviews on Apple's App Store being negative.

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