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Clozapine also seems much more effective in "negative symptoms" (lack of motivation, flat affect) than traditional medications.

The research is less complete on the other atypical medications, but it is hoped they will share clozapine's increased effectiveness.

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That is, they all do an equally good job, but it takes different amounts of medication to be equally effective. dose of Thorazine is equal in effectiveness to approximately 2 mg of Prolixin.Traditional antipsycotic medications like haloperidol seem to work by blocking the D2 receptor.The atypical antipsychotic medications block different dopamine receptors, and some of the serotonin receptors.Recent research suggests that in most consumers, moderate doses are as effective in decreasing psychotic symptoms and cause fewer side effects than very high doses.Traditionally it has been said that with very agitated consumers one of the more sedating phenothiazines (e.g., Thorazine) might be preferred, while a paranoid consumer who is likely to be very sensitive to "being drugged" might respond better to one of the less sedating meds like Haldol or Prolixin.All of these atypical antipsychotic medications have fewer extrapyramidal (muscle) side effects than traditional meds.

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