Is ashley greene dating xavier samuel wildest datings 2


Xavier Samuel, or R-Patz 2.0 if you prefer, has reportedly started dating former Miss Europe, Shermine Shahrivar.

The pair were spotted getting very "affectionate" while enjoying NYC over the weekend and the , which features the new franchise hottie, Xavier Samuel!

The star was recently interviewed on Chelsea Lately where she was asked how the set was with all the actors being so attractive. “I tried [with Kellan Lutz] but it just didn’t work. They’re walking around without any clothes on the whole time.” And there’s another reason to go see it.

If you thought "Eclipse" mania was over just because the movie premiered on Wednesday, then you're seriously mistaken.

it's also that in that same time frame, Facebook -- and its subsidiary, Instagram, which has a stories feature that competes directly with Snapchat -- gained billion! Related: Khloé Kardashian Gushes About Stormi's Momma!

This well known love-triangle is featured on most prominent media, with reason, I mean, they are the main characters.

If you need one more reason to join the masses and go see Eclipse, here it is: Xavier Samuel.

The Australian actor plays Riley, a character, regretfully, only seen in the third movie.

His charming smile, trusting eyes, and take charge attitude are most convincing in the film and I have only one complaint. And one other thing – does any one else think he sort of resembles Matt Czuchry (Logan from Gilmore Girls)?

Eek — not sure how we'd be able to make that choice!

Meanwhile, Victoria is busy building an army of newborn vamps to attack Bella.saga, actress Bryce Dallas Howard will replace Rachelle Lefevre in the role of evil Victoria.

And he seems to have already gotten used to the fans, as he was approached by several while perusing the Vancouver Art Gallery yesterday. Uhm, Kellan, what did we tell you about wearing clothes?

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