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If one tells you she's married, then please let me know, too. Write often, and don't wait to get a response from a lady before you write again.Send them some Philippine stamps in your letters so that they will be able to send you a reply letter.Some men have even told me they had such poor luck with those with email addresses that they would only contact those without it.I have heard of men sending thousands of dollars before they realized they were being used.... While it is true most have real needs there, it is bad manners to ask for money and most won't.

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Most do not smoke, drink or use profanity, have never had sex or maybe never even had a boyfriend.

I do this for free, so I cannot spend a lot of time and money keeping contact with these ladies. If you write only one or two once, and wait for a reply, then you may be disappointed to get no response. It now may take 10-26 days in each direction, since the terrorist attacks...maybe even longer during the holiday season.

They just send me an application (once usually), and I never hear from them again, unless they marry, and they notify me. Just try regular mail if other routes don't work out. It's crazy to wait that long for your letters, but that's just the way it is.

If that is what you want, fine but do not expect most Filipinas to be like women in your culture or like bar girls. Talk to them like you would the young daughter of your best friend. Remember, we only list pen pals, not "mail order brides".

Under Philippine law a Filipina cannot marry unless she is 18 years old and then only if her parents consent.

Cell phones are common because they are cheap there, and one does not need expensive contracts. If they don't keep the card up, they may lose the cell number, and you will get a bad number. I wrote every week to mine (12 to start with), and did not wait for a reply each time.

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