Who is dougie poynter dating

It's relatable and our tear ducts are literally overflowing even after the 10th listen.The song could be classified as an end of summer break-up anthem.He was caught at dinner with her parents and they even went to a Katy Perry concert together.But, it's safe to say, that Niall has another girl on his mind when it comes to this single.Not only that but when Niall appeared on James Corden's segment of "Fill Your Guts or Spill Your Guts" he chose Ellie when asked who he would spend his last night on earth with. Melissa and Niall had a thing for a while during the One Direction glory days.

So, it's possible that she could not only be the girl behind this song but also the lucky lady that Nialler flew in his private jet with.But then, just a few months later, he went into the jungle.During his stint Down Under, Mark completely changed the public's perception of him.Not only that but Niall and Melissa were seen leaving multiple parties, functions, and events together.The crazy thing that might actually put Melissa in the top running spot here is the interview Niall recently gave about the most romantic thing he has ever done for a girl. You'd think he would take someone who couldn't just go on their own like Ellie and Selena. Courtney is one of Selena's best friends and she and Niall were spotted on a date at Disneyland earlier this year. They looked pretty friendly with each other but we highly doubt Niall was ever in love with her.Clearly, it's too much to ask of Niall Horan to spill the beans about who his new single is really about. The former One Direction crooner dropped his third single, "Too Much To Ask" from his solo debut album, , last night and it's probably his best tune yet.

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