Desperate housewife dating


Gabrielle is told the truth of Andrew killing Carlos' mother but decides to keep it quiet, fearing Carlos' reaction and not wanting to hurt him.She is sent to the hospital after Bree accidentally hits Juanita with her car.Since Grace was born in the United States, she is a citizen and Gabrielle and Carlos agree to take her in to raise her.To make sure they can get Grace to live with them, Gabrielle turns legal Grace's mother into U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) but then has second thoughts when ICE shows up, posing as Carmen and letting Carmen get away.When she catches them having sex, she kicks Carlos out of the house and informs Xiao-Mei that she is not allowed to leave until the baby is born.When Xiao-Mei gives birth, doctors discover that they had accidentally switched the Solis' embryo with another couple's and the Solis' embryo was not successfully inseminated.Ana begins pursuing Danny Bolen (Beau Mirchoff), the son of their new neighbors, Angie (Drea de Matteo) and Nick Bolen (Jeffrey Nordling).When Danny is accused of strangling Susan's daughter, Julie Mayer (Andrea Bowen), Ana attempts to provide him a false alibi until Gabrielle forces her to tell the truth.

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He runs over Nick, placing him in the hospital, and holds Angie and Danny hostage.

In the pilot episode, Gabrielle is unhappy with her marriage to Carlos, whose priority is work.

Gabrielle is shown to be extremely lonely while Carlos is money-minded and oblivious to his wife's unhappiness.

Ellie comes back to retrieve it, but Gabrielle tries to keep it from her.

When police arrive to the Solis home, Ellie escapes and hides in a crowded block party, where she is shot and killed.

After Carlos physically forces Gabrielle to sign the documents, she reignites her affair with John.

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