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About a decade ago, I became involved with a guy I jokingly referred to as “a Romantrix.” Don’t bother Googling that term.

I made it up to describe someone who dominates you so much with hot pursuit, that romance is inevitable. So all that intense pleasure from the beginning of our relationship quickly led to lots of pain.

Laboratory for growth — the ultimate place of challenge for each of your souls (core selves) to be inspired and supported to stretch, grow, evolve!

Unfortunately, many people only view a relationship solely as a place to experience that “den of pleasure,” leaving out the soul-ly aspects of a relationship: lab for growth. Because one of the most important things we should all do is live a life with a passionate commitment to self development!

In the honeymoon phase of the relationship, a psychopath is generally hypersexual with you.

He’s excited by the chase and the “conquest,” by the novelty, by the fact that he’s (most likely) cheating on other women and on you, as well as by the increasing control he’s exercising over you.

Seeking strong character always matters far more than personality, because character will determine how someone behaves — and/or misbehaves!Analogously, from your perspective, the aura of romance, excitement and spontaneity can be very seductive.Initially, it may seem flattering, even if a bit disconcerting, to have a man who seems unable to keep his hands off you anywhere and everywhere, including in public.Since they need transgression, risk and variety in their lives, they’re likely to have tried a lot of sexual positions in many locations with numerous partners.Initially, their ample sexual experience can appear exciting even to a normal person.This particular Romantrix inundated me with love letters, flowers, candle-lit dinners, and continuous promises to love me forever. Shortly after our break-up, I discovered a fascinating article in the about the psychology of evil.

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