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In addition, the series features original skits, such as "Selina: She Grows on You", a segment which features an eccentric gardener for a wealthy woman, and her zany and original ways of keeping her garden up to scratch.A recurring sketch features Emily Taheny as an unnamed woman who approaches other women at inappropriate and private moments such as going to the toilet, showering at a gym or giving birth to a baby.The sketch will always end with the following lines: When Comedy Inc.began in early 2003, it held the pm Thursday timeslot for two years before moving to pm on various nights in 2005, when it was moved around in attempts to improve ratings.It subsequently gained numerous nominations for major Australian and international film and television awards.The show has also proved to be more commercially successful in Australia than its rivals and was the first to release a DVD of content from the series. For example, a more risqué variation of the series was broadcast in 2005, entitled Comedy Inc: The Late Shift.The fourth series, characterised by darker and even more risque material than the first series of 'Comedy Inc.

A notable sketch with a father (Russell) who tucks his young son into bed everynight, who usually asks him a question, but unbeknownst to himself, is slightly mature.

Blokeman is looked upon as a normal hero, despite his obvious "bogan" qualities (ugg boots, mullet, beer belly, broad Australian accent).

He is hesitant to help when people ask and usually finds the easiest way to complete the task.

Since the end of the series episodes have been repeated on the Foxtel cable channel, The Comedy Channel and during 2009, reruns were shown on Nine HD before the channel's closure.

When the series debuted, it rapidly gained the highest ratings of the three sketch comedies at that period of Australian television.

For example, popular Australian series such as Big Brother Australia, Dancing with the Stars, Australia's Brainiest Kid, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

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