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Men »**gin to think tli Mt, if we are w * , 1 upi^arthat he was i*-haved the other to admit tbe African to the ballot-box. f ;r hw r vw * v'r c Hn comp,y wiih ^ ° r **- .» too «*! S Baid Le Tcm, it, W# hold that ibe judgment of this " comliti.-us ol the compact, and may many nigger-worshipers feeding at t be in His mercy bleas and protect you ever, oemr t MHIIU. " a d '*« d /‘»l- b |T »" d d *« «oul the “read and butter and good clothes. _ , , J J # 1 have tried to live no- V* - JUITttltl O, preine Court — God bless Georgia lor this -The editor oi a uew paper in Nebraska I Tlms C ar ' m ,“ y ^ 1,111 down ? He who ad- 'he malevolent* whose spirit thev are M. It is higli time it whs cleaned out bless \ou, dear Aunt Melissa and the «”!??

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