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In short, this is one of the most complex and interesting blends I have ever had the pleasure of smoking!It smells sweet and earthy from the tin with the top dressing showing itself a bit.If, for instance, you have tried Mc Cranie's Murdock's Pipe, which is touted as a Scottish blend, and then sampled this one expecting a similar taste sensation -- well, you are going to receive a surprise.Murdock's Pipe has Latakia and Oriental tobaccos located within the blend. Scottish Blend is a typical Mac Baren in that it is sweet smelling when you open the tin, and sweet tasting upon lighting.

Mixture is a social blend because of its great aroma and the fact that it smolders unobtrusively. Here's a check, before you dive in: If you are looking for a head swimming nicotine experience, Mixture is not your answer.This is a must have blend for me and will have a permanent spot in my rotation from now on.If you're on the fence about whether to try it or not, get an ounce or two in bulk for a few bucks and give it a whirl.Smoked, I get a remarkably good VA/Bur with subtle citrus and honey flavors. Smoke it hot and the smoke will become bitter and burn your mouth.The topping is mild, and the tobaccos themselves sing. There is a creamy quality to the smoke that is very pleasing. Just stuff a few ready rubbed pieces in the pipe and light up. I have read some of the other negative reviews concerning this tobacco, and I think the main problem, people have with it, besides a different taste, is the packing. Mixture is made from more than 35 different tobacco leaves from different parts of the world.

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