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) I tried it during a pretty-slow-moving yoga class, and it held my boobs in place well enough while also being light (which is good, as I was quite sweaty).

Of course, this bra would not work on a run at all — my boobs would be bouncing all over the place.

Chantelle’s website says the bra is designed to reduce bounce by up to 68 percent, which it seemingly does through its foam underwire cups, double-lined band, and tight fit (although, I’m not a scientist, so who really knows).

Either way, not having to worry about my boobs bouncing all over the place for once made AKT especially enjoyable. I’m a woman of only average self-esteem, but I’ve got to say, when I caught a glimpse of myself in the Berlei extreme high-impact sports bra, even I had to say, “Daaaamn.” Not only did it hold my boobs in place during an intense spin class, but it also made them look amazing (which has literally never happened for me in a sports bra before).

Here, my top eight sports-bra picks for women with big boobs.

I had never actually heard of Enell before I got my hands on this sports bra, so when I opened up the package and saw the ten (yes, ten!

Thankfully, after years of ill-fitted sports bras and having to wear two (or three) at a time to keep my boobs in place, I’ve finally found a few that work for me — whether I’m jumping around in a high-intensity cardio class like AKT or just doing yoga in my living room.

Most of them are actually even attractive, which was absolutely shocking to me.

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I got to try it in two colors — purple and black — and I tested each of them out at AKT in Manhattan.) clasps I’d have to fasten to actually put the thing on, I was surprised and immediately figured I’d hate it. Instead, the Enell Sport Bra ended up being my favorite sports bra.It held my boobs down in an incredible way that I had never experienced before — I could even move my arms inward to a higher degree than usual, since my chest is usually in the way., but there are certain challenges that come with being larger than a 34B.Don’t condemn yourself to ugly, schlumpy bras — the Cut is devoting this week to finding sexy, supportive styles for big boobs.I had never been able to wear any sort of crisscross bra before, so I was excited to give that a whirl. I took it out for a jog, and my boobs didn’t feel like balls of heavy jello slapping against my skin.

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