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Blackboard is NKU's online course management system that provides easy access to course materials, University resources, and personal tools like email.Please complete our Blackboard Student Tutorials prior to the first day of classes.We found that solicitation attempts increased equally much when increasing the age of the impersonated youth from 14 to 16, as from 16 to 18.Thus, we concluded that a normally distributed age preference in the population was a more plausible explanation to the effect of the age of the solicited, rather than the LAC (here; 15 and 16).NKU will provide you with an NKU student email account at no additional cost prior.The University will use this account to communicate with you throughout your student career.

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Additionally, the participants with youth contacts who reported consumption of child- and adolescent pornography also reported being more sexually aroused before the interaction, compared to the participants with youth contacts who did not report consumption of these kinds of pornography.

Approximately half of the participants were men in the adult contact group, while 75% of the participants were men in the youth contact group.

Approximately 60% of the participants with youth contacts were recruited from two websites associated with a pedophilic sexual interest.

Participants with a youth contact, however, reported using more persuasion techniques for online sexual purposes or for the purpose of an offline meeting, compared to those with an adult contact.

In the chat rooms, we found that more indirect ways of future sexual communication (e.g., continuing chatting) was suggested by the chat room visitors that were under the assumption of interacting with youth aged 10 to 14, compared with more direct means (e.g., meeting offline).

Although previous studies on solicitation has found that older youth, compared with younger youth and children, are more often solicited, the possible reasons for this have not been investigated.

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