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This project makes everyone who interested to get knowledge and information about Theme park business before make decision to investment, including pre-operational process and operation process of Theme park business, for the benefit to investment and profit of doing this Theme park business.

We expect that our project will provide benefit and interested person, moreover, if they are any error in this project or whatever, our ground made an apology at this opportunity.

It is the capital of Chiang Mai Province, a former capital of the Kingdom of Lanna (1296–1768) (wiki, 2013) and it is uniquely and cultural their own country. Study management in theme park as follows: Background of theme park Product and service in theme park Vision and mission statement of theme park Strategy of the company 3.

Chiang Mai is the place to invest the business owing to despite the considerable difference in size and population between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, tourism continues to be a thriving industry in Thailand's second largest city. Study competition analysis and marketing feasibility as follows: - General internal and external environment Marketing mix strategy of theme park - Demand of consumer in theme park - Sale forecast and profit estimation of theme park 4.

These were annual events that were usually held for a short time, a week or two, to celebrate a good harvest.

These fairs featured livestock exhibits, baking and cooking competitions.

This park was conceived as a place where the common person could enjoy a respite in a pastoral setting and participate in the musical culture of the city.

The first past is adventure playing for those who like excitement, the second part is cinema and the third part is shopping.It is the time of perfect come to travel at Chiang Mai. Amusement parks have a fixed location, as opposed to traveling funfairs and carnivals.The new theme park cans attraction to Thai tourism and foreigner to visit Chiang Mai. A definition of theme park (2010) described that the terms "theme park" and "amusement park" are often synonymous.To be open the opportunity to people in this area and other people in nearby places that has recreation area to relax in the 8 new theme park style. To learn the technical and management process in theme park business. To apply this knowledge with the business in the future. To understand the customer what they want and need how to do the customer satisfy in our business. To Summary of the feasibility of Theme park business. Despite many older parks adding themed rides and areas, qualifying the park as a theme park, the first park built with the original intension of promoting a specific theme, Santa Claus Land located in Santa Claus, Indiana, did not open until 1946 (History of the town of Santa Claus,2010).Another factor, Chiang Mai is the most popular provinces that the tourist selects and that the way chooses to relax. Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, built around the concept of encapsulating multiple theme parks into a single amusement park is often mistakenly cited as the first themed amusement park, but is instead the park that made the idea popular. Fairs and pleasure gardens Adam and Judith (1991) presented that periodic fairs, such as the Bartholomew Fair which began in England in 1133, are a parent for the modern amusement park.Beginning in the Elizabethan period the fair had evolved into a center of amusement with entertainment, food, games, and carnivallike freak-show attractions.

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