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In game chat filters, as well as over the website, there are filters that filter any language besides the minor "hell" that players might try to shout out. There are MANY ads that link to different companies which are place in banners and rectangles all over the site.Disguising of language to try to bypass filters is looked for by moderators, and is most always found and punished. Parents should know that users can also create their own ads to solicit items that they have created which feature images and captions (which are both moderated).

User-created content on the web can be wonderful or a vivid window into the worst of our online behavior. There are many users who have made some interesting - if frequently violent - worlds and games.

Because of this I would say it is not safe for children.

Allowed daughter to sign up based on Common Sense review that it was safe for kids.

I do admit I've played some on my own time, as well.

Only recently have I started hearing these articles about overreacting parents saying this game is toxic.

Another complaint that many parents had was the online dating factor.

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