Dating middle aged divorced men


It is my belief that oftentimes the critical issue is more related to what one does to one’s specific baggage than with the amount of it.

If we accept the previous premise that as we age we all develop some emotional issues in one form or another, then it would therefore be illogical and unrealistic to expect to find a mid-life romantic partner with a pristine, squeaky-clean emotional dossier.

It has been my experience that the quest for emotional perfection in a partner often, ironically, blinds us to those real issues of theirs that may to be taken note of and evaluated as far as determining the viability of the relationship.This typically involves making a conscious choice to keep new relationships with the opposite sex primarily on a “friendship” basis for a period of time, usually about six to twelve months at a minimum.In general, the longer the duration of the former marriage, the more time that might be recommended to be put aside for this emotional recovery and self-examination process.Once you get over it, I have to say it's pretty fun.Also, the way single people meet is completely different now.The good news is, anxiety about sex usually goes away after meeting someone you really trust. Falling madly in love at an older age is almost a feeling of disbelief, accompanied by immense gratitude and a sense of peace that this is where you truly belong.

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