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Josh Duhamel plays Tad and he gives a decent performance.Topher Grace is very funny and entertaining as Pete.

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"I bet there's a lot more victims out there who feel embarrassed to come forward," says Hansen, who urges them not to be ashamed to make a report because these scams happen to people from all walks of life.Generic story aside, the film is actually pretty decent.It isn't great or original but fans of the genre should enjoy it.His sarcastic sense of humor starts getting old near the end of the film though. Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes play Tad's agents and they both give funny performances. The film is also kind of dull because you know where things are going and they add a bunch of pointless scenes. It really is a harmless romantic comedy that teenage girls should enjoy.Besides for the impressive cast, there isn't much more to recommend. You can predict what will happen just by watching the trailer. Robert Luketic brought us the very enjoyable Legally Blonde but he doesn't quite score a win with this film. It's also better than Chasing Liberty and the Prince and Me.Fraudsters set up fictitious accounts on popular dating websites, or create their own sites that look very similar to legitimate ones, he said.

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