Who is stephanie szostak dating


Discussing his life, Dale is the first offspring of the on-screen character, artist, and choreographer Grover Dale and performing artist and vocalist Anita Morris which demonstrates that he originates from a family in an equal field from of his inclusion.

Some of his notable movies include Nola, Shame, Iron Man 3, The Conspirator, World War Z, Spectral and The Walk.

The beautiful couple seemed to be a match made in heaven and Stephanie appeared to be the perfect wife for James.

With not so long lasting affair with Stephanie and low-key dating life, he has given the general public and tabloid media a wide road to speculate that he is gay.

But affairs or gossips are there he and Stephanie Szostak has something going between them.

The rumor first spreads when they had spotted together at Marvel’s Iron Man 3 premiere at the E!

You love to watch the movies, okay, if yeah, then you probably know the James Badge Dale also famous James Badge or James Dale (shortcut of his name).

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