Updating the libraries in premise

This option might be a good choice for your organization if you have users who travel or work remotely and don't connect to the corporate network regularly.

It's also the choice that requires the least amount of administrative effort.

Summary: Compares different ways to update Office 365 Pro Plus, including automatically from the Internet or from an on-premises location.

There are three ways that admins typically apply updates for Office 365 Pro Plus: Which way is right for your organization depends on how much administrative effort you want to expend and how much control that you want to have over the update process.

In most cases, you use the Office Deployment Tool or Group Policy to configure the appropriate update settings.

To upgrade on an offline machine, run the following command: parameter needs the location to the license key file.This is the default setting for Office 365 Pro Plus.For example, if your users install Office 365 Pro Plus themselves from the Office 365 portal, Office 365 Pro Plus is configured to get updates automatically from the Internet.Some features are available on-premises if you have upgraded to the latest version of TFS.Besides, even you have published the extension to your TFS successfully, this task may not compatible with your present version, just Giulio said, you could create a test first.But, this option gives you the least amount of control over the update process.

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