Updating media information and album art


The CD sleeve features the lyrics to all of Continuum's songs.With both Heavier Things and Room for Squares, there were incongruities with the lyrics in the sleeves when compared with the albums; however, the Continuum lyrics are all printed exactly as recorded on the album.During the pre-order, it appeared as though there would be a variation of said artwork on a special edition version, and it turned out that the "special packaging" was a shiny silver bag which held the CD and the pre-order bonuses.All artwork was designed by Mayer along with Smog Design, Inc.It marked a change in Mayer's musical style, and incorporated musical elements of blues and soul more heavily than in his previous work with pop-rock.

The digital image is being migrated into the new system.It also reached the top-ten in several other countries and sold over 3 million copies worldwide.Upon its release, Continuum received generally positive reviews from most music critics and earned Mayer several accolades, including a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 49th Grammy Awards.The three major releases feature, respectively: A photo of Mayer; a silver cover with a white title; and a Local 83-only version (including a silver bag).The first features a dark gray-scale photograph of Mayer with the title near the top; another is identical except for "featured" centered across the top. In these cases, the album features Mayer on the cover.The album contains a collaboration between Mayer and 8-string guitarist Charlie Hunter on the tune "In Repair".

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