Garcelle beauvais dating


The second book will be a children’s book about co-parenting after divorce; the subject of the third has not yet been released to the press. I think you get that stuff if you’re taught that stuff. I’m only speaking of that in terms of my sisters’ husbands.

Throughout her life, Garcelle has emphasized the resilience of her nurse mom—whose death in 2008 at age 80—left Garcelle understandably devastated.

Kreyolicious: This movie was partly filmed in Haiti, correct? Obviously I connected with the Haitian part, being Haitian and having a Haitian background. At one point, he has to decide between capturing—getting a good story—and saving a life. The thing that I wanted to bring out from that—sometimes people see you. Do you ever feel like you have to be everything to everyone? But you’ve always been—in your interviews, bio and everything—-you’ve always been forefront about being Haitian. I felt that it was going to be done well, and like I said, I wanted to tell people to people not forget about Haiti—with the other disasters going on. I feel for me, as a Haitian actress, I’ve always been careful about the roles I play. I remember this girl saying that you were hosting some Haitian event some years ago, and some in the crowd asked you to speak a little Creole and you refused. Do you ever feel like— I speak Creole all the time. It was a way of doing something that would last, and hopefully tell people not to forget. Many people don’t realize that at one point Garcelle was even a video girl! [Laughter] Kreyolicious: Say for example, say a Haitian man who wants to romance Garcelle… She played the leading lady in at least two music videos, “Down Low”, “Come with Me”, “Take me Home” with the singer R. Kreyolicious: You said you had a Haitian boyfriend before. Her father died in 1990, seeing only a glimpse of his daughter’s success (he had actually been opposed the idea of her going to New York to launch her modeling career).

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