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It has a 1951 Supersports as a stablemate and I am currently restoring a 1951 Farm O Road" 2001 Show update: This Hotshot won second in the microcar class at the New England Concours and won the"Cars 1951-1960 class at the Concours of Monmouth County".

This car won its AACA First Junior in its first show out at Charlotte NC and Won Best Microcar at The Hemmings New England Concour d Elegance in its second show. 2011 Show update: The Farm O Road won 3rd in the "Cars 1941- 1950 class at the Concours of Monmouth County".

Years of hard work and at the time I was to young to truly appreciate it.

He had a talent and nack for this type of thing and this car was one of many that he spent years of his life working on. When my grandfather passed, he left the car to us (his grandchildren) and we love the car and all the memories we shared in the process of creating this beautiful classic.

Us grandkids love this car and understand what it takes to own a car like this and take care of it.

Right now we are just not in positions to store and take care of this beautiful car. This car is beautiful and we want (serious) buyers to come and take a look.

John Cassiol of Buffalo NY is looking for an old race car that was called the Little Giant.

The new canopy top and has gotten a lot of attention. David sent in the following update on his Crosleys.

"Just a short update on the Crosley's on the concours circuit 2012.

It is a totally amateur restoration done mostly by me.

I have tried to use as many of the original parts on it as were available.

NEEDLESS TO SAY HIS CRANKS WERE ALSO CUSTOM.around 1955. I still live in Philly but spend part of the time here in Florida where I can drive it year round.

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