Tips for dating an aries woman


With her nose high up in the air, she is awfully opinionated.

She also displays certain masculine qualities like dominance and power play in a conversation or discussion.

Since most Taurus women are creative and artistic, this is reflected in their dressing and you will find them wearing embroidered fabrics like batik and sometimes even whacky designs.

Ambition: Both kinds of Taurus women are highly ambitious.

They like being dominant and belong to the liberated women’s group. The passive kinds too have the vein of aggression in them, albeit a not so strong one.

The balance 40% of them are true earth sign females… The aggressive type of Taurus woman is not too difficult to spot in a crowd.

The expression ‘a sound head over her shoulders’ was coined for the Taurean female spirit.

Another reason to avoid provoking her is her destructive anger.

Trying to control things around her is the core characteristic of this woman.

On the contrary, the passive kind of Taurus females is a sight for sore eyes. Neither an introvert nor an extrovert, she is a curious mix of both.

True to her earth sign, her taste in clothes too is earthy.

She prefers clothes that are comfortable, generally in pastel shades and in soft fabrics like cottons, linen and denims.

Because of this trait in her, she always gets to the crux of the matter and doesn’t believe in philosophical, intellectual or verbal meanderings.

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