Late 1950s dating habits

When leaving, unless the bus is crowded, the boy gets off first so that he can assist her in getting off. When walking together on the street, the boy's place is nearest to the curb. When walking together, a girl does not take a boy's arm unless she needs assistance.

If there is no usher, the boy should lead the way, or the two may go down the aisle together.If you are a good date you can answer "No" to all of these questions.If you cannot, your "friendship quotient" is probably below average and needs some improvement.Then the boy should step aside and allow the girl to enter the row first.In leaving the theater, the girl goes up the aisle ahead of the boy. Refrain from any sort of disturbance in the theater.Being a "good date," however, does not mean that you have to disregard your own code of behavior, because the decision of another person or the crowd is not always the best one.

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