Black usan women dating

Years of training steadied Susan, who was still wearing blue scrubs when she returned home that night.

When her assailant came at her, Susan crowded him, knowing the swings of his weapon would have less force if she stayed close. At the same time, she tried to rifle through Haffey's pockets, looking for ID she could toss under a bed or chair or dresser that police would later find.

He had recently lived in a trailer on Northeast Killingsworth Street.

Relatives and friends told police he'd been raised in an upper-middle-class home and was an avid tennis player.

The couple never had any children, and Susan was fine with that.

Mike, who chain-smoked while guzzling Diet Cokes, hounded Susan about her plans when she went out.

He wore Dockers, a blue-striped shirt and a tan baseball hat pulled down low over his eyes.

Susan had not witnessed a lot of happy marriages growing up.Susan became a licensed practical nurse and then a registered nurse.She moved to Oregon in the early '80s, settling first in Coos Bay and later Portland.She's telling this story for the first time, and is working on a memoir about her experience. An emergency room nurse for nearly 30 years, she had disarmed injured men, helped crack open people's chests to perform heart massages, and administered IVs in patients thrashing from drug withdrawal.She and all the other nurses at Providence trained regularly in self defense, learning how to slip out of headlocks and clutches.Inside was a container of Hershey's syrup, 0 in cash, diabetes pills, a daybook and a pay stub made out to Haffey. 4, 2006, was marked "Call Mike." A manila envelope listed Mike's new cellphone number.

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